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We process billions of pixels of image data simultaneously from multiple satellites to provide a data cube of the earth. We look at vegetation health, soil moisture, climate impact and human activities on the surface of the earth.

Using proprietary petabyte scale deep learning engines we are able to provide high resolution data, everyday, anywhere on the globe.

No cloud gaps, actual measurements, daily.

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What we do

Automated data ingest from multiple satellites

No impact of clouds

20+ years of archive for vegetation analysis

World leading Sense+AI, Object and Trend detection

Global coverage, all countries

Daily observations and petabyte scale processing

Our products


   Vegetation health
   Soil moisture
   Lead indicator in season

   N recommendations
   Yield analysis
   Irrigation maps

   Field Benchmarking
   Yield potential zones

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Mantle Labs Ltd
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United Kingdom.

Mantle Labs GmbH
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